Google PD

Google Notes:

  1. Files on Google Drive can be in more than one folder at a time.
  2. Google can store any type of file, but only "Google files" can be edited
  3. When sharing files, it is usually easier to manage when you share the file by placing it in a shared folder, than to share the individual file.
  4. Careful when logging into Google Drive, do not accidentally log into Chrome. All your saved passwords, bookmarks and history will be downloaded on to the machine and will remain there after you log out.

Finding Add-ons, Apps and Extensions

Google Drive Add-ons: found in the Add-on menu of the applicable Google Drive app (Doc, Sheets, Forms)

Google Drive Apps: found in Connect More Apps ... 
In Google Drive, click on the New button > More > Connect More Apps

Chrome Extensions and Apps: found in the Chrome web store accessible from the Chrome Settings page.

See the videos available on Google: Connecting Apps, Add-ons and Extensions for detailed instructions.

Google Docs:  Whats new (to me)?

Tools>Voice Typing

Good for student feedback
Three modes:

Comments (not so new)
kaizena MIni: give recorded voice feedback on a Google Doc

paint formatting

On the iPad

Each Google App has its own iPad app:  drive, docs, sheets 
Many (?) of the Google apps are also iPad apps 

Take a picture and save it directly to your Google Drive
  • Open the Drive app
  • select the folder you want to save the image
  • press + button (bottom right), choose camera
  • take the picture
  • note the image is also on the iPad

Chrome Extensions

Save to Google Drive: captures a PNG copy of a webpage (the full page not just what is on the screen)

Extensity: turn on and off Chrome Extensions as needed
Steakit: read webpages
DraftBack: play document history as a video with time line available

Chrome Apps

Mole View: build molecules, search databases for known molecules and 
instaGrok: a mind map view of a Internet search
GeoGebra: a math app
Desmos: graphing calculator
PDF Mergy: merge multiple pdf files together

Google Docs Add-ons

  1. g(Math): latex equation editor for Google docs.
  2. Auto-Latex Equations create equations in Google Docs
  3. Easy-Bib Bibliography Creator.
  4. kaizena MIni: give recorded voice feedback on a Google Doc
  5. VexTab Music Notation

Google Sheets Add-ons

  1. Flubaroo (spreadsheet Add-on) will mark multiple choice tests created using Google forms.
  2. AutoCrat a mail merge

Google Forms Add-ons

  1. Choice Eliminator: Google Form.
  2. docAppender from data collected from a Google form append data to a template

Google Sheets

templates: make google sheets look good
stop motion:

Use Google Forms to collect data:

  1. Personal Information. PD data collection form CHSS
  2. Multiple choice test.
  3. Collaborative data collection.
  4. Student feedback/tracking see the video by Heidi Hobson

Google Drive to manage workflow:

  1. Doctopus (spreadsheet Add-on).
  2. Classroom this website app will work using GAFE accounts
  3. Goobric (Chrome extension). a build and mark rubric that attach to students work

Setting and Security

Logging into chrome and syncing with other devices

  • Chrome >Setting (the three horizontal lines)
    • >People
    • >delete saved password

Disconnect Devices

  • your avatar Top right> My Account > Device Activity

Disconnect Apps 

  • Google Drive > Settings(the little cog) > Manage Apps

Other Useful Tips and Tricks:

Embed a video in to a Google Docs file
  • insert the video into a Google Slide
  • copy from the video from the slide to a Doc, the video will now  be embedded the Doc file
  • If this file is exported as a PDF file, the video in the PDF file will play

Force a copy of a file stored on Google Drive
  • start to share the file
  • copy the shared link
  • edit the shared link and change the word edit to copy
  • example

Useful Links and References

Fly'n With Forms by Heidi Hobson the maker of docopus and docAppender

Google Docs Add-ons for Education (Corey Aylen's blog)
Chrome Apps for Education (Corey Aylen's blog)
Chrome Extensions, includes extensions for Teacher and Students (Corey Aylen's blog)

App Kickstart guides. You must be in the US to access the guides, but there is a list of popular apps on Google Play for Education. Many of these apps are also available on the iPad.

General weaknesses -- Word Processing Skills

  1. not using header/footer to auto page number.
  2. not using <Ctrl><Enter> to force a new page.
  3. not using <Shift><Enter> to start a new line without starting a new paragraph. Very useful in numbered paragraphs.
  4. not setting tabs , using spaces to move text around.
  5. not setting up a hanging paragraphs, but press <Enter> then <Tab> instead.
  6. pressing <Enter> to double space a document.
  7. Teachers, learn how to use numbered paragraphs!

    Some Rules of thumb:

    1. do not press the space bar more than twice, set a tab instead.
    2. do not press the tab more than twice, set a tab instead.
    3. use short cut keys, they are faster than using a mouse
      <Ctrl><c>, <Ctrl><v>, <Ctrl><e>,<Ctrl><i>,<Ctrl><a>

General weaknesses -- Spreadsheet Skills

  1. using relative and absolute cell addressing correctly.
  2. entering numbers instead of cells references in formulas.