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Create Class Roster and Folders

Before you start
  1. Get the Doctopus add-on. You only need to do this once.
  2. Collect information from your students.
    The last name, first name and the students Google Drive email account is required.
    A Google form is a convenient way is to collect this information
Start to build your new roster:
  1. Create an new spreadsheet to hold the roster (give it an appropriate name and place in appropriate folder)
  2. In this new spreadsheet, Launch Docotpus (Add-ons>Doctopus>Launch)
    The Doctopus side bar will appear
  3. Step 1: Select a Roster  
    Select > Build a new roster
    Select Method > on this sheet
    click on Create Roster
    This will build the sheet for your New Roster
  4. Once it has finished working, copy and paste last name, first name and email information into the New Roster sheet.
    click on Refresh
  5. Optional: sort the data by Last Name column
  6. Step 2: Finalize/save Roster
    Set roster Name: use course code  (and section)
    click on Create and Share Folders
    this will create the student and class folders AND set the sharing preferences
    click on Save roster and continue
At this point you can close your spreadsheet, students have their folders, and you can restart this anytime to push files to your students.

Embed gadget

    Missing students, no problem. 
  1. The students will need to fill in the Google form (or collect the data yourself)
  2. add the data to your roster spreadsheet
  3. run Doctopus again to update the roster
Run out of time/interrupted just close the sheet, come back and open it up again.
Add-on>Doctopus>Setup> choose the setup step you would like to start at.
So far my experience is that this add-on is very forgiving. I have started, stopped, restarted in many different steps of the process and was able to continue the process.

M. A. Vandepoele,
17 Apr 2015, 08:26