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Doctopus vs Google Classroom

Andrew Stillman says:
Full disclosure, I’m the author of Doctopus.

But in the interest of clarity here, Doctopus does quite a bit more than Classroom in certain areas, and is preferred by a good many “power users” of GAFE because of its flexibility and power. With this additional power comes a bit more complexity, so you have to pick your poison. I still think it’s easier to run than a standard office photocopier, and that teachers are quite intelligent.

What does Doctopus do that Classroom doesn’t?
  1. It gives you full visibility and editing rights on student Docs (Classroom only gives the teacher ownership when the assignment is “turned in”).
  2. Full access to the student class folders (Classroom doesn’t give you this), which means the ability to see a “slice” of work in Drive in a portfolio like view.
  3. Project group mode allows you to cluster kids and pre-share them on starter docs. Classroom doesn’t do this.
  4. Goobric allows for rich, rubric-based grading right in the browser, with feedback instantly emailed to students, pasted to Doc. Classroom limits you to simple letter or numeric grades.
  5. Doctopus allows for co-teachers to share grading and visibility on student work, and to use shared rosters.