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Push Files To Students

 Push the same file to each individual student using Doctopus:
    Remember to READ THE SCREEN!
  1. Create a new spreadsheet
  2. the Add-on Doctopus will need to be Launch(ed)
  3. Step 1: Select a Roster
    Select roster as required
    Use this roster
  4. Step 2: Verify/update Roster
  5. select sharing type (choice of 4 sharing types) individual - all the same: 
  6. Step 3: Set sharing arrangement
    * adjust the desired sharing settings
    * save and continue
  7. Step 4: Choose assignment template(s) 
    * select the file to share
    * save and continue
  8. Step 5: File and notification settings
    * set a location to store your class set of files
    * set the file name(s). 
         An underscore as the first character of the file name will cause the file to be at the top of an alphabetized list
    * save and continue
  9. Step 6: Copy and share resources
    * Run copy and share
    * Now the files will be distributed

Embed gadget


 Shared a file (view only) to all to the class:
  • place the file in the class view folder created by Doctopus

 Share a file (edit allowed) to all students 
  • place the file in the class edit folder created by Doctopus
  • students can also initiate placing a file into this folder for all students to edit
M. A. Vandepoele,
17 Apr 2015, 08:27